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Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports
brought to you by: Tom Boley's Musky's Gone Wild Guide Service

Treeland's Lake Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports by Jenks Bait and Tackle

Date: 2014-10-25


Walleye have been decent lately if you are fishing them in the right spots. Your best bet is to fish with Large Walleye Suckers and Medium to Larger Fatheads in 18-25 feet of water. Try to spot deeper weeds, brush, and stumps on your depth finder graph. As a side note, while this is note exactly nightcrawler season, some fishermen still like to fish with crawlers. As of right now, crawler season is over up here and crawlers will be no longer available from my suppliers until Spring of next year. So if you want to fish with crawlers, make sure you bring some up from home.


A lot of Muskie action has been reported...but mainly looks and follows and not many strikes. The majority of the action has been on Suckers with some other action on jerk baits and deeper running twitch and crank baits. My guess is that a lot of fish are being seen with few strikes is due to them getting ready to start feeding and beefing up for the winter. I would expect more action in the weeks to follow. As far as spots...try to target deeper narrows and shorelines with deep dropoffs and shelves. Find the bait fish...and you will find the Musky. The sucker situation has gotten much better from late September, so as is I do have a healthy supply of Suckers on hand.


Crappie are still doing fairly well. You have to find what depth they are at, but popular places still include Moore's Bay, the Blueberry Flats, and Crane Lake. Your best bet is to find the bait balls on your graph, and set your bait about a foot or so above the bait balls. Crappie minnows, smaller fatheads, Gulp!, and Mini-Mites seems to still be doing the trick.


Not much Bass action has been reported on the Chip, however, Smallmouth action continues to be very good on Round Lake. Make sure you are fishing deeper in the cribs with Large Walleye Suckers.


The weather is looking pretty nice for the beginning of the week staying in the 50s and 60s. Expect some storms on Sunday and a little rain on Monday. The rest of the week looks clear. Later in the week expect to see temperatures drop into the low 50s to mid 40s.

Water Level

about 2.5 feet down

Water Temp

Mid 40s


Report Brought to you by: Jenks Bait and Tackle