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Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports
brought to you by: Tom Boley's Musky's Gone Wild Guide Service

Treeland's Lake Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports by Jenks Bait and Tackle

Date: 2014-09-14


Walleye have slowed down a little bit. People are still having some action just not as much. More Walleyes are being found in the sunken brush and deeper sand bottoms on Crawlers and Minnows for live bait and some deeper running crank baits for artificial. Friendly Reminder: There are no more leeches up here this time of year. If you want to fish with leeches you will have to bring them from home.


Musky have been doing fairly well. Two nice fish were registered at the shop this week....a 49" and a 41". There are still some fish hitting surface baits, but now the trend is going toward subsurface baits and Suckers. The three most popular baits as of late are the Ty Sennett Vexer, the Jenk's Exclusive Black and Flowage Green Bull Dawg, and the Muskie Mark Eat Me Lure. A quick caveat here...Sucker season is upon us. Unfortunately suckers are extremely scarce this year. I will do my very best to get what I can in, but I cannot promise how many or what size.


Pike are still active on spinnerbaits and spoons. Many folks are reporting seeing a lot of Pike while Musky Fishing which comes to no surprise. You can fish weed lines and drop offs. A decent amount are caught out on the East Side, but the big ones still tend to be found on the far west bays.


Crappie have been doing well. As stated last week they are not so much on the bogs anymore. They are being caught in deeper cribs and brushpiles. They are hitting on the typical baits: Mini-Mites, GULP! Minnows and Crappie Candy, and Tube Jigs. They are not schooling up in Moore's Bay just yet...but that is right around the corner.


This week is going to be warming up a little bit as compared to last week. Sunday and Monday we will see temperatures in the 50s and it will be going back up to the 60s throughout the rest of the week. Clear skies for the most part of the week with a chance of showers on Friday and Saturday.

Water Level

Nearly Full

Water Temp

High 50s to Low 60s


Fall is just about upon us now. There are some trees that are beginning to turn color. Not a ton of color right now, but I am seeing some nice reds, and a few oranges. Over the next few weeks the color should really be majestic.


Report Brought to you by: Jenks Bait and Tackle