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Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports
brought to you by: Tom Boley's Musky's Gone Wild Guide Service

Treeland's Lake Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports by Tom Boley's Musky's Gone Wild Guide Service

May 5th-11th Fishing Report

Tom Boley's Muskys Gone Wild Guide Service

The Chip is ice free!! Water temperatures are on the rise and fishing is looking great. Main lake is 48 degrees and many bays are in the low 50’s. All species will be active and very catchable this week. It finally feels like spring and the fishing has been awesome!

Walleye- Fishing started out fast and furious this week! Lots of walleyes getting caught by most guys. The largest concentration of fish has been in and around the West Fork of the Chippewa. The best baits have been suspending jerkbaits (Husky Jerks, X raps, Smithwicks) in gold patterns as well as firetiger. When fish are deeper or slower Berkley Ribworms on a 1/8 or a ¼ ounce head have been great. Plain jig and a minnow is catching fish as well. Rippin Raps have been getting a lot of fish too, either fished vertically or slow pops keeping the bait close to the bottom.
Look for slack water areas near current in depths from 4 to 10. As fish move postspawn look for walleyes to be set up on shallower main lake humps with lots of wood as well as deeper weedlines in depths of 6 to 12. A few fish are being caught in deeper water but in lower numbers.


Crappies- Crappies are staging outside of spawning location in depths from 8 to 20 feet. Look for suspended fish in river channels leading to shallow weedy bays. When you find them they will be stacked in large schools. 1/16th ounce hair jigs tipped with 1inch gulp minnows has been working great. However if you find them schooled up they will eat just about anything. By the weekend they will continue to move shallower into spawning locations.


Northern Pike- Pike will continue to be more and more active in shallow weeds and bays as the water warms. Jerkbaits and spinnerbaits are about all you need to get the job done. Fish quickly and erratically though these shallow water areas and you will find the pike.


Largemouth- Look for largemouth near submerged wood in bays and stream areas as well as developing weeds. Many presentations work this time of year. Jigs, Stick Worms and slow moving cranks are a few of my favorites. Ideal depths are 4 to 12 feet of water.


Report Date: 2014-05-06

Report Brought to you by: Tom Boley's Musky's Gone Wild Guide Service

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