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The Chippewa Flowage is a magical body of water with a rich and interesting history. As our family has been on the land since 1912, they have been witness to life before & after her formation and the people that have come and gone with it. Passed down from generation to generation, these tales have all become legend. So, with a sense of humor and imagination, enjoy these stories and do remember to share them so that they are not lost with time!

History of the “Drawdown”

We thought all of you may find interesting the history of the "Drawdown" on the Chippewa Flowage!  ...
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The Story of Chipmunk Island

How Did Chipmunk Island Get Its Name? As we were told by Oscar Treland, the cabin located on the point ...
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The Story of BlackBird Point

 How BlackBird Point Came To BeThe story of how Blackbird Point came to be is short, sweet and comical. As ...
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Where Did Pork Barrel Get It’s Name?

The Story of Pork Barrel Island Do you ever wonder when you're out cruising or fishing on The Chippewa Flowage, ...
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Why is it Called Darrow Island?

Where Did the Name Darrow Island Come From? Many of us have grown up swimming, camping, fishing and swinging off ...
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The Story of McClouds Dam

Here Lies the Story of McCloud's Dam Here is a short story about McCloud's Dam (we are not sure on ...
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The Story of Wagon Wheel Island

The Story of Wagon Wheel Island At the turn of the century (late 1800's and early 1900's), people loved to ...
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The Story of Cletcher’s Bar

How Cletcher's Bar Became Cletcher's Bar... Today we’d like to share the story of how Cletcher’s Bar got its name ...
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