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Treeland's The Original Pat's Landing Oak Shores Timber Kove Treeland Farm RV Park

5 Locations on the Chippewa Flowage all Designed to Exceed your Vacation Expectations!

Wisconsin Lake Resorts on the Chippewa Flowage

Treeland Resorts has four different Wisconsin lake resorts on the large and unique Lake Chippewa Flowage. You can experience the most diverse flora and fauna that Wisconsin has to offer. Our resorts have been owned and operated by the Treland family since 1928. We know the Big Chip, and our Wisconsin lake resorts specialize in delivering the Chippewa Flowage experience by water and land.

The Chip

The individuality of the flowage is a result of its origin. In 1924, the Chippewa River was dammed. The surrounding area flooded thousands of acres of land, but it also combined existing natural lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. The resulting environment is different from most natural lakes. Hills and peaks became 200 constantly evolving islands. Some marshy lands floated to the top of the flooded water creating floating bogs that freely roam the lake surface. The shorelines took on irregular shapes that continue to evolve through eroding winds and water.

Water Lovers

At Treelands, we offer use of kayaks and paddle boats to our guests at no additional charge. It's out way of saying, "You really should experience the water." Quietly observe wildlife, take in the majestic surroundings, and float in tranquility on one of the secluded areas of the lake. If you want a more extensive tour of the lake, you can rent a pontoon or fishing boat from our marina. Guided tours are available. In winter, you can tour the frozen lake area by snowmobile or cross country ski trails.

Land Options

To see the Big Chip area by land, take a nature walk through hiking trails. You can snowshoe or candlelight ski in the winter. Bring your mountain bike to explore off-road bike trails. Country drives around the area are peaceful and even magnificent in fall.

Of course, you can always just appreciate the views from your motel suite or vacation home at Treeland Resorts. Some of the properties are alarmingly close to the lake for perfect waterfront views. Others are situated in wooded paradises or near the tennis courts or one of our heated swimming pools. Treeland's Wisconsin lake resorts have a variety of accommodations to suit your vacation needs.

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For Information and Reservations at;

Treeland Resorts, RV Park, or Timber Kove
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