4/15/2020 Update

Treeland Challenge Fishing Contest

In 1983, Bobby Cammack Jr., Harold, Jan and Cheryl Treland, along with Jane Bidwell came up with a little idea called the “Treeland Walleye Challenge”. This was a fishing event designed to get people out of the house in the spring of the year and have a good time. As important as the fishing aspect of the tournament was, what evolved was so much more. New friends became old friends and the tournament became an annual tradition and a labor of love.

The 36th Annual Treeland Challenge is scheduled for May 7th – 10th, 2020.

But is it a Treeland Challenge without:

  • Reacquainting with old friends and fellow “Challengers”
  • Harold on the microphone
  • A brat and beer feed
  • Picnicking on the front lawn
  • Taking part in a casting contest
  • Daily door prize give aways
  • Late night happy hour (for some of you anglers it’s more like all day and night happy hour!)
  • Bonfires
  • Watching fish come in to be measured at the dock

 It is all those things and more that make the Treeland Challenge what is; and we don’t think one can exist without the other.

Out of respect for everyone’s health and well-being we’ve decided to postpone the 36th Annual Treeland Challenge until May 6th – 9th, 2021.


The 36th Treeland Challenge will happen, just one year later than originally planned. And mark our words, it will be worth wait!

If you have already registered for the 36th Annual Treeland Challenge we will roll your entry over to 2021. If you would prefer a refund please give us a call so we can make arrangements.
Like all of you, we are looking forward to brighter days.


We are all in this one together.

Thank you for your loyalty and your friendship.

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