The 3rd Annual Treeland Premier Musky Fly Fishing Championship WAS held:

SEPTEMBER 27th – 29th, 2018

A Musky Catch & Release Tournament on Hayward Area Lakes & Rivers

Thousands of dollars in door prizes

Entry fee includes three nights of complimentary dinner, as well as complimentary Angry Minnow Beer! 



  • $150 Entry Fee Per Person (Limited to the first 100 entries)
  • Individual or Team
    • 3 Person Maximum on Teams
  • INCLUDED in your entry fee:
  • Team Prizes go to 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places
  • Individual Prize for largest musky

ENTRY FEE: $150 Single
Sidepot Optional Bet: $30

No entries accepted after 6 p.m.,
Thursday, September 27, 2018 at Treeland Resorts

Tournament contestants limited to the first 100 entries received


NumberNameTeam NameLengthDate
17Casey WeistTeam High Tide299/28/2018
4Charlie ForrestTeam High Tide33.59/28/2018
4Charlie ForrestTeam High Tide379/28/2018
5JR TracyTeam AirHead269/28/2018
8Owen EdwardsTeam AirHead289/28/2018
8Owen EdwardsTeam AirHead309/28/2018
25David PaloyanTeam Dirty Stripperz319/28/2018
25David PaloyanTeam Dirty Stripperz259/28/2018
23Tim MillerTeam Dirty Stripperz259/28/2018
23Tim MillerTeam Dirty Stripperz269/28/2018
19Joe MuenchTeam Rasshole279/28/2018
45Jason RasmussenTeam Rasshole259/28/2018
45Jason RasmussenTeam Rasshole349/28/2018
35Jon JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It279/28/2018
35Jon JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It359/28/2018
35Jon JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It279/28/2018
35Jon JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It35.59/28/2018
31Josh SmeltzerTeam DTF389/28/2018
1Benjamin MattilaVGS Corp339/28/2018
48Dan DalyGettin’ Fishy269/28/2018
48Dan DalyGettin’ Fishy279/28/2018
50Brad BohenGettin’ Fishy309/28/2018
50Brad BohenGettin’ Fishy299/28/2018
49Don LarsonGettin’ Fishy34.59/28/2018
49Don LarsonGettin’ Fishy289/28/2018
32Scott KruegerMusky Fluffers329/28/2018
12Davis DrewiskeMusky Fluffers279/28/2018
12Davis DrewiskeMusky Fluffers259/28/2018
14Andrew HerbergGreasy Samsquanch309/28/2018
10Stephen PogodzienskiTeam F & F30.59/28/2018


NumberNameTeam NameLengthDate
18Joseph OesterleLivin’ The Dream369/29/2018
22Luke SwansonLivin’ The Dream33.59/29/2018
22Luke SwansonLivin’ The Dream43.59/29/2018
4Charlie ForrestTeam High Tide339/29/2018
4Charlie ForrestTeam High Tide319/29/2018
21Russell GontarekTeam High Tide299/29/2018
35Jon JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It289/29/2018
36Jacob JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It32.59/29/2018
36Jacob JungersTeam Grip It & Strip It30.59/29/2018
30Spencer RettlerGreasy Samsquatch359/29/2018
23Tim MillerTeam Dirty Stripperz389/29/2018
25David PaloyanTeam Dirty Stripperz369/29/2018
24Dave KuntzTeam Dirty Stripperz37.59/29/2018
13Nick AndersonEly Anglers29.59/29/2018
50Brad BohenGettin’ Fishy259/29/2018
50Brad BohenGettin’ Fishy289/29/2018
49Don LarsonGettin’ Fishy31.59/29/2018
49Don LarsonGettin’ Fishy31.59/29/2018
50Brad BohenGettin’ Fishy319/29/2018
12Davis DrewiskeMusky Fluffers359/29/2018