Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports

Jenks Bait & Tackle

Date: 2018-07-21


Walleye fishing has picked up a bit from last week. Over the last few days water temperatures have gone down and several folks including a few guides have reported catching legal walleye in 8-12 feet off of weed edges and breaklines. Crawlers and Leeches have been the primary live baits of choice. If leeches are your choice, it is recommended you get some soon as leech season is approaching its end. During day light hours, you can still certainly try deeper brushy areas by trolling Flicker Shads. Flicker Shads have been very productive over the last 3-4 days.


Musky fishing is still on target. Trolling Mattlocks, Large Jakes and Grandmas, and 10 inch Cranes have been very effective. With water temperatures cooling down, casting top water and bucktails have been effective in shallow during early morning and evening hours. Bull Dawgs have also produced some nice fish off the break lines.


Pike continue to do well but most of the fish being caught right now are smaller. The big ones have been elusive the last several weeks. Spinnerbaits and weedless spoons have been the way to go fishing weedbeds.


Crappie have begun to pick up again now that the water temps are starting to cool off. Bog fishing has picked up a bit in the evening hours. Brush piles and cribs are also solid choices for spots. As always, Crappie minnows are your go to for live bait, but Gulp! 1 inch minnows have really performed for the Crappie fishermen...particularly on the south end of the Flowage.


Smallmouth fishing has been great on the East Side. Most folks are catching them in very shallow water around stumpy and/or rocky shorelines. Imitation baits (i.e. Frogs, Craws, and Minnows) have been very effective. OF course during the day time hours, you can certainly fish cribs with nightcrawlers and pull up a handful nice Smallies.


This coming week Monday and Tuesday look like they will see highs in the low 80s. The rest of the week will be a bit cooler seeing highs in the mid 70s for the most part. Expect to see some rain toward the middle to end of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday have a 60% chance of rain and Thursday and Friday have an 80% chance of rain.

Water Level

6-9 inches down from full pool

Water Temp

76-79 Degrees

Treelands PIT tag

Tom Boley

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