Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports

Jenks Bait & Tackle

Date: 2018-10-21


The Walleye bite has been decent and the bite has been moving deeper as we get into late fall here. A few guys are still using Crawlers but most are using minnows at this point. Larger fatheads and sucker minnows work best. Try the deep holes off of Popple Island or the deep hole off of Chipmunk or the deep hole south of Hay Creek Narrows.


The Musky bite on Suckers and trolling has been very solid. Trollers, you will be targeting deep breaks off of shorelines. Sucker fishermen should be working both deeper and shallower areas while casting glide baits, jerk baits, and rubber baits. Hay Creek Narrows, the old loggin dam in Musky Bay, and Moore;s Bay are all good places to start.


Crappie continue to be frustrating. A few fishermen came in recently and stated they had some success fishing mucky bottoms by Chipmunk Island in 25-27 feet of water. That aside the Crappie fishing has been really quiet on the Flowage.


The highs this week look to range between the high 40s and mid 50s. Lows will range from the high 20s to high 30s. Expect some rain next weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Water Level


Water Temp

41-46 Degrees

Treelands PIT tag

Tom Boley

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