Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports


Jenks Bait & Tackle Hayward WI
Jenks Bait & Tackle Hayward WI

Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2020-07-03


The water temperatures out there are very hot which means the fish are moving deep. If you like fishing shallow weeds you need to change up your patterns and fish much deeper for the Walleye. Folks are catching them and in decent numbers but I have to stress this you have fish DEEP! Water temperatures are in the mid 80s and rising and most fish will not come up to the surface or into the shallows to feed at those temperatures. While fishing deep I would recommend maybe a Lindy Rig with a Jumbo Leech or Crawler (preferably a leech) and/or trolling deeper running cranks. In addition to Flicker Shads and Shad Raps you may want to try something a bit deeper like a Flicker Minnow when trolling.


Musky are the same as Walleye right now…they are down DEEP! Trolling or vertical jigging deep areas will probably be your best bet in landing a Musky right now. Mattlocks, Jakes, Grandmas, and Crane 1010s are all solid choices. Now that said, please be very very careful if you catch a Musky this week. The water temperatures are excessively high. Mid 80s water is very low on oxygen and is lethal to Muskies. If you do decide to Musky fish and land one make sure you practice a very quick and safe release. From the time you get it in the net get them back in the water and released within 30 seconds if possible.


Northerns have been slow this week most likely due to the heat as they are probably heading down deeper as well. With these high temps try fishing deeper maybe trolling spoons or sending down bigger live bait down 20 feet or so with some nice cover on the bottom.


Despite high water temperatures the Crappie bite on the bogs at night has been really good these last few days. A lot of folks reported a lot of Crappie action on the bog at the bridge on minnows and several fishermen came in in the last 24 hours and reported incredible action on the bog by Dun Rovin over 12 feet of water using Tube Jigs and Waxworms.


Bluegills have overall been quiet but have been biting really good on the bog by the bridge at night on waxworms and leaf worms.


Smallmouth as of this morning are still hanging around shallower areas despite higher water temps. That said if you try shallow and the water temperature continues to increase and you are getting less and less action it would be highly advised you move out over deeper cribs with a nightcrawler to target the Bass.


It is going to be HOT one all week! Expect highs in the high 80s to low 90s all week long. Expect lows at night to be in the low to mid 60s. Expect some light showers on Tuesday and Thursday

Water Level


Water Temp

83-86 Degrees.

Chippewa Flowage Pike Imporvment Project
Chippewa Flowage Pike Imporvment Project