Things to know for your stay


  • We look forward to your arrival at Treeland’s! If you are not comfortable checking in at the Treeland Lodge, pre-registration is available. Please fill out the attached documentation, and email and scan or fax back to us at 715-462-9286. Please call with a valid credit card in order to check you in. We will then have your unit unlocked, keys in the unit, and name on the door. This must be received 24 hours prior to your arrival.
  • Check in time is 4pm. Check out time is 8am.
    • With the new COVID-19 guidelines and cleaning procedures, we are very concerned with our ability to get the cabins cleaned in time for your check in. During COVID-19 times, we are putting into effect an earlier check out time of 8am and a check in time of 4pm. We hope everyone understands and respects this decision as housekeeping demands have increased substantially and we will not be cutting any corners in our sanitization protocols.
  • Treeland Harborview restaurant will be open daily for food.
    • Sunday – Wednesday 11am – 9:00pm
    • Friday & Saturday 11am – 10:00pm
    • Clothing and souvenir purchases are available everyday
    • We are accepting room charges, cash, check and credit cards in the main lodge.
  • The Treeland Boathouse will be open daily:
    • Sunday – Thursday 7:30am – 8pm
    • Friday & Saturday – 7am – 9pm
    • If you do not see a Treeland staff member around the Boathouse during these hours please call them using the intercom near the door for assistance.
    • Gas, bait, ice, firewood, fishing rigs, pontoons and recreational equipment are available to use.
    • Please follow disinfecting procedures located at the canoe/kayak/paddleboat pick up area. When finished using the kayak, paddle boat or canoe please spray the equipment down.
    • Leave any paddles and life jackets in the drop box next to boathouse for disinfecting.
    • Treeland staff will pump your gas, scoop bait and get ice for you. Please refrain from doing it yourselves.
  • The pool will be open: We ask guests to please following pool furniture disinfecting procedures when leaving your chairs at the pool area. The occupancy of the pool has been reduced by 50%, if the chairs are all in use, we ask that you please try visiting the pool at a different time.
  • Playground facilities are sanitized regularly.
  • Guests are required to maintain social distancing at all times. Maintain at least 6 feet between all individuals to the maximum extent possible.
  • All gatherings with any other cabin rentals of any number of people are prohibited.
  • Someone will be in the office everyday should you need any assistance. We can be reached at 715-462-3874 or or stop in!


  • Upon departure from your unit all garbage needs to be bagged and brought to the outside can to help minimize the garbage that boathouse and cleaning staff will be in contact with.
  • Recyclables can no longer be in bags. Please bring all of your bagless recyclables to the outside can to help minimize the garbage the boathouse and cleaning staff will be in contact with. Please note, if there are bags in the recycling the entire can will be discarded as regular garbage.
  • Please discard or take with you all leftover food. Do not leave any items behind for the cleaning staff to dispose of.
  • Please make sure all dishes and utensils are back in the unit per inventory.
    • Not abiding by the above results in a $50.00 surcharge.
  • Food & beverage utensils have been provided in this unit as a guest convenience. They have been cleaned as we have always done in the past. They have not been sanitized according to the Department of Health standards. We will continue to provide Dawn dish soap, dishwasher tabs, scrubbers as well as bleach if you are more comfortable sanitizing your dishes before your use. To sanitize, add 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of clean water and immerse utensils for a minimum of 30 seconds, then air dry.
  • For your peace of mind, we strip all beds down to the mattress after each guests’ stay. All bedding is laundered between guests stays. Extra pillows and blankets have been removed from the units and are available by request only.
  • The bathrooms are deep cleaned and disinfected with every stay. We will continue to provide one bathmat and toilet paper for each bathroom. Shower curtains are laundered between each guests’ stay.
  • All our units are cleaned in accordance with Sawyer County Health Department/CDC recommendations for your safety. All commonly touched surfaces have been disinfected – tables, chairs, barstools, remote controls, light switches, lamps, doorknobs, cabinet and stove knobs, refrigerator doors, railings, hair dryers and hard surfaces as well as all floors. The deck furniture and grill has also been sanitized.
  • We know that everything seems to be a new frontier for too many things right now. We will get through this as everyone continues to cooperate with guidelines to assure everyone’s safety. We truly love hosting you all and are doing everything in our power to make our Covid-19 season a memorable season for all the right reasons!
  • If you have any other questions, concerns or suggestions that we have not covered, please feel free to let us know.
    We hope that you enjoy your stay!

Harold, Jan, Tatum, Chris, Tyler, Mallory, Laurie, Gary, Val, Kyle, Barrett & the rest of the staff at Treeland’s!