Treelands has gone Green

In 2020, Treeland Resort took part in the Rural Energy for America Program by purchasing and installing a 40-kilowatt solar panel system at the original resort property. The system is estimated to produce over 50,279 kilowatt hours per year. The power generated will provide for all of the power needs at the motel, with the excess energy produced to be used at the main lodge and restaurant.
We are very excited about the transition to a more green, clean, renewable source of energy.

T r e e l a n d G r e e n I n i t i a t i v e

In 2021, in an effort to continue moving forward and to compliment the initial solar energy project, Treeland Resort has decided to install a second 19.98 kW solar array. The solar energy produced will further offset energy demands, reducing reliance on the
electric grid.

solar array on the motel