Treeland Sanitation Measures

Treeland Sanitation Measures

We realize the concern right now about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and you most likely have some questions about Treeland Resort‘s efforts to manage the situation. We want you to be assured that the safety of our guests and staff is always our top priority.

We want you to feel confident in visiting our property and we hold the safety of our guests and staff in the highest regard. We have enacted stringent standards to address these concerns and help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our guests and employees while visiting us.

To ensure your safety in our accommodations, between each guest visit we:

    • Strip all beds down to the mattress after each guests’ stay. All bedding is laundered between guests stays. Extra pillows and blankets have been removed from the units and are available by request only.
    • All our units are cleaned in accordance with Sawyer County Health Department/CDC recommendations for your safety. All commonly touched surfaces have been disinfected – tables, chairs, barstools, remote controls, light switches, lamps, doorknobs, cabinet and stove knobs, refrigerator doors, railings, hair dryers and hard surfaces as well as all floors. The deck furniture and grill has also been sanitized.
    • Chemically disinfect soft surfaces like fabrics and furniture.
    • The bathrooms are deep cleaned and disinfected with every stay. We will continue to provide one bathmat and toilet paper for each bathroom. Shower curtains are laundered between each guests’ stay.
    • Food & beverage utensils have been provided in this unit as a guest convenience. They have been cleaned as we have always done in the past. They have not been sanitized according to the Department of Health standards. We will continue to provide Dawn dish soap, dishwasher tabs, scrubbers as well as bleach if you are more comfortable sanitizing your dishes before your use. To sanitize, add 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of clean water and immerse utensils for a minimum of 30 seconds, then air dry.
  • Due to new health standards we will be suspending daily towel service until further notice. If you require fresh towels, please place soiled ones in a bag and bring down to the lodge and we will exchange for you.

We ask that you:

  • Upon departure from your unit all garbage needs to be bagged and brought to the outside can to help minimize the garbage that boathouse and cleaning staff will be in contact with.
  • Recyclables can no longer be in bags. Please bring all of your bagless recyclables to the outside can to help minimize the garbage the boathouse and cleaning staff will be in contact with. Please note, if there are bags in the recycling the entire can will be discarded as regular garbage.
  • Please discard or take with you all leftover food. Do not leave any items behind for the cleaning staff to dispose of.
  • Please make sure all dishes and utensils are back in the unit per inventory.

To ensure your safety in our public areas, Treeland’s does:

  • Provide updated training to our staff on any new sanitation practices ensuring public safety.
  • Regularly disinfect all frequently contacted surfaces (i.e. door handles, counter tops, etc.)
  • Provide public sanitation stations in common areas with disinfectants and hand sanitizers so individuals may disinfect the areas they come in contact with (i.e. recreation equipment, pool chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Regularly inspect all public areas to maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards.
  • Please follow disinfecting procedures located at the canoe/kayak/paddleboat pick up area. When finished using the kayak, paddle boat or canoe please spray the equipment down.
  • Leave any paddles and life jackets in the drop box next to boathouse for disinfecting.
  • Treeland staff will pump your gas, scoop bait and get ice for you. Please refrain from doing it yourselves.
  • The pool is open! We ask guests to please following pool furniture disinfecting procedures when leaving your chairs at the pool area. The occupancy of the pool has been reduced by 50%, if the chairs are all in use, we ask that you please try visiting the pool at a different time.

To ensure your safety in our bar and restaurant, Treeland’s will:

  • Regularly disinfect and sanitize between guest seatings.
  • Space tables and chairs to help ensure proper social distancing.
  • All food servers are wearing masks while serving to ensure safe food handling.
  • Regularly inspect all areas to maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards.
  • Offer take out if you do not feel comfortable eating inside Treeland’s or on the patio

While this new reality must include practices to protect ourselves from infection, it does not mean we cannot enjoy all the things we did before the COVID-19 outbreak. Treeland’s will do what we can to protect you, and you do what you need to do to protect yourselves.

We appreciate your business and we are committed to following the recommendations from health authorities as you visit us in the Wisconsin Northwoods. As always, our staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your vacation. We thank you for the opportunity to have you visit and want to ensure you we make your safety our highest priority.

Please feel confident that we’re doing what we can to provide a healthy environment so you can enjoy your stay with us. Thank you for your continued loyalty and your business. We look forward to seeing a healthy you soon.

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